Replacement Car Keys

If you have lost your car keys, don’t worry. We can provide car key replacements for almost any vehicle. We can even work at the side of the road where ever your car may be, as our vans are fully equipped mobile workshops. We will gain access to your car and make replacement car keys so you can continue on your way.

Examples of where we can help you.

  • My car key has broken in the lock
  • My keys have been lost/stolen and I need to get the car started
  • I have my keys locked in the car
  • My bag was stolen with the keys in and I need replacement car keys
  • I bought my car from a dealership/auction and have no keys
  • I have been told that only a main dealer can cut and programme the keys
  • I have lost my remote and need a new one
  • I bought my car with only one key and need a spare

Car Key Programming

The main source for replacement car keys was generally a main dealer only. This has changed. We are now able to source genuine manufacturer car keys and security info for almost any make of vehicle on the market today. We provide replacement car keys at a fraction of the cost a main dealer would charge and most of the time much faster. You don’t even need to recover the car. We will come to you and create new keys at the roadside.

We now have the latest machinery and car key programming equipment available on the market today. All our services are available at our store and you are welcome to visit us any time for some advice or a quote. Having a spare car key is something we strongly recommend as this will save you a lot of money if you accidentally lost a set. A spare key can be made for you while you wait at our store. Remote fob keys and standard immobiliser keys can be made.

Many vehicle owners will find that things can go wrong with keys. The most common problems are when the battery is replaced in the remote and it becomes un-programmed from the car. This can happen if the battery is not replaced in time or due to another technical fault. We can program or repair your car keys for a reasonable cost – usually a massive saving over having it replaced at the dealer. We can refurbish any make of car key; this includes new casings, buttons and key blades. Most car keys will at some point stop working properly and in some cases prevent you from locking the car or even starting the engine. Please see our shop or call us on 020 886 6546 if what you require is not listed, or you would like more information.