We have a large range of home and commercial safes in our product catalogue. Please get in touch with your requirements and we will be happy to help you choose the correct safe for you. Alternatively please take a look in our online shop for some of the most popular safes available. We can deliver any size and weight of safe to your desired location.

All safes should be installed correctly and securely to gain the maximum security benefit. However some of the smaller, domestic safes we offer are suitable for DIY fixing.

Our safes are offered to you by the U.K’s leading supplier of domestic and commercial safes. We aim to provide a high quality range of products that meet the demands of both the public and the insurance industry. All our safes are backed up with  first class customer service.

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Most of the safes we offer are now tested and certified by Europe’s leading institutions, ECBS, VDS, SBSC & ICIM. These are all approved by The Association of Insurance Surveyors and Eurosafe, Europe’s leading trade body for the safe industry.

Cash Ratings

These are an indication of the security level of a safe and the maximum level of money that should be stored inside it. A cash rating is what an underwriter will insure the contents of the safe for and can be multiplied by 10 times for jewellery. Therefore a £1000 cash rating safe will be suitable to store £10,000 worth of jewellery.


The warranty of all the safes we offer carry a minimum of 2 years in respect of materials and workmanship. Some of our premium products carry even longer warranties. The warranty of the locks and the lock mechanisms are limited to that offered by the lock’s manufacturer. This is generally also 2 years minimum.