Common Problems with Renault Keys/Key Cards

The most common faults we encounter and fix with these keys and key cards are:
1) Card Not Detected
2) Replace Card Battery
3) Damaged Plastic Casing
4) Water Damaged Keys

What causes these problems and what can be done to fix it? Read on for the answer…

Card Not Detected

The card not detected error is usually caused when the component which sends the immobiliser signal breaks off the circuit board due to dry solder joints.

Replace Card Battery

A warning to replace the card battery is caused either because the charge has dropped significantly and needs replacing or because the battery has become faulty. In either case, this makes using the key frustrating as you have to press the same button several times before it actually does anything!

Damaged Plastic Casing

Over time, your key can start look a bit rough. As well as looking bad, sometimes a damaged key card can also cause damage to its functionality. If you have ever had to reinsert the key a couple of times to get your car to start, this is most likely the issue. Some people have even had to resort to wedging in some folded paper in order to get the key to contact properly.

Water Damaged Keys

The electronics inside can be damaged by water if your case allows it to get in. The good news is that this can also be repaired by us.


The good news is that we can fix all of these problems. We can not only repair the electronics but also provide a new casing, making your key look and respond like new. Please see our shop page to learn more and order a repair service.

You can see some examples of previous repairs in the screenshots below: