Van Lock Upgrade Packages

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Most vans today can be broken into in a matter of seconds by a thief and cleared of their contents in no time at all. Additional locks are the key to keeping your powertools and livelihood safe. Having your van broken into and your tools stolen is very costly and usually the tools can never be replaced fully due to the sheer cost, not to mention the set back this will cause you in your work.

Having the security upgraded on your van is highly recommended. We can supply and install high security deadlocks, slam locks and armour handle plates to all makes of commercial vehicles. A typical pair of deadlocks supplied and fitted to rear barn doors and a side load door of a popular van will be around £240 inc vat.

Generally after a van has been broken into the original locks and handles are damaged and no longer work correctly. We can also replace and repair all types of locks and door handles. We can even re-pin new locks to work with your existing original key.

We at The Master Locksmith are authorised stockists and installers of the Locks4Vans class leading locking solutions for commercial vehicles. The products we have chosen to use are all Thatcham accredited and attack tested to ensure maximum security in the open world.

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