bmw replacement keysBMW Replacement Keys

The process for purchasing replacement keys for your BMW can often be a long and expensive process when contacting BMW. This is due to the fact that your key has to be ordered from BMW in Germany and often takes a week to 10 days to arrive.

Once your key is delivered to the BMW main dealer of your choice you will have to recover the car to them in order for them to adapt the key to your car. This will land you with large recovery truck costs and dealer labour charges. As we all know this will cost you plenty of money.

The service we offer to replace your BMW keys is designed for maximum customer convenience. We come to you at the roadside and produce new keys to your BMW right there and then, no waiting, no recovery costs and fully guaranteed just like you get with the main dealer.

We will come out to your vehicle, gain access to it without any damage to the car and then cut and program you a new key, all within the hour.

Below is a list of vehicles we currently cover. Please call us if your vehicle is not listed.

  • BMW 1 series E87 – 2004-2009
  • BMW 3 series E46 – 1999-2006
  • BMW 3 series E90 – 2006-2010
  • BMW 5 series E39 – 1996-2003
  • BMW 5 series E60 – 2006-2010
  • BMW 6 series E63 – 2003-2010
  • BMW 7 series E65 – 2002-2008
  • BMW Z4 E85 – 2002-2008
  • BMW X5 E53 – 1999-2006
  • BMW X3 E83 – 2003-2010

Call us anytime on 0208 886 6546 or send us an email for a quote on replacing your car keys.

bmw replacement keys